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Guarding Services

We provide qualified and experienced security guards for individuals and businesses with long term and interim security assignments. Our clients include a variety of businesses and individuals in high-tech firms, hotels, banks, shopping centres and owners of personal estates. We also offer temporary security for construction sites and social activities such as weddings, large community events and trade shows.

It is important for businesses and individuals to understand the role of the security guards. Security guards are utilized by businesses as a visible deterrent and are present to observe and report all and any suspicious activities. The duties of a security guard will vary depending on the client's needs as well as to the area of service they are providing.

Some of the guards that we deploy are listed below

  • Static Unarmed Guard – Local
  • Static Unarmed Guard – Nepalese
  • Static Armed Guard
  • Patrolling Guard
  • Personal Bodyguard
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